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Abstract Learn are passionate about education and were formed to ensure that home schooling learners are not forgotten.

About Abstract Learn

Abstract Learn are an online home schooling programme, formed initially to provide home schooling resources to parents and guardians of home schooled learners. Further progression has been made and we can now offer structured lessons, including all syllabuses for each year of schooling, giving you more time to concentrate on other things and carry out supervision of studies.

Abstract Learn are passionate about education and were formed to ensure that home schooling learners are not forgotten, and a structure is formed to ensure that studies are continually on track. The Abstract Learn concept is also useful for catching up when studies have been halted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why home schooling?

Learners are home schooled for a multitude of reasons and not always through choice, which leaves parents and guardians in a situation where they have to ensure that adequate teaching is made available. This can be difficult if you are not a trained teacher and have not been in this situation before as most resources available are scattered and do not follow any particular structure.

Consideration is also given to the time you have to put aside to put home schooling resources together and prepare lessons on a daily basis.

Are resources provided?

With Abstract Learn, for each school year a curriculum will be followed, and structure will be put in place. We always want learners to enjoy their teaching experience, therefore all resources, activities and tests will be implemented in a fun and enjoyable way so that one year will effortlessly flow on to another.

Where do I begin?

Learning will start in Mr Brown’s early years Reception Class where the introduction to education will be fun, engaging and instil a positive learning experience, preparing students for Key Stage 1; leading onto Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

All activities are administered online and whilst supervision is required by yourself, the hard work has already been done and you can spend your time, taking part in the fun activities!

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