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Home schooling is a decision that is made after much thought and can either be used as a temporary form of education or can continue on a permanent basis.

Abstract Learn provide resources and lessons to parents who wish to home school their children and start with early years reception class, continuing through the education system to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE. We are also able to offer A Levels and Functional Skills through our partner college.

Early Years Reception Class – Suitable for 4 – 5 years - Kindergarten

Join Mr Brown in his early years Reception class where the transitional stage to home schooling begins.

Mr Brown’s class forms the basis of everything needed to study Key Stage 1 and shows that learning can be fun, providing a positive experience to that first introduction to home schooling.

Young Girl And Mum Homeschooling For KS1

Key Stage 1 – Suitable for 5 – 7 years

Following Reception, learners will be well prepared for the road ahead and will start by joining year 1 of Key Stage 1.

Lessons will concentrate on reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling and maths in line with the national curriculum.

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Young Girl Homeschooling For KS2

Key Stage 2 – Suitable for 7 – 11 years

Key Stage 2 is a natural progression from Key Stage 1 and also delivers fun interactive lessons, covering reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling and maths.

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Young Girl Homeschooling For KS3

Key Stage 3 - Suitable for 11 – 14 years

Key Stage 3 will prepare learners for GCSE English and Maths, ensuring that all core skills have been taught. Lessons will continue the theme of engaging learners and ensuring that all home schooling experiences are positive


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IGCSE and GCSE – Suitable for 14 – 16 years

IGCSE and GCSE is taken as part of Key Stage 4 and will enable learners to work towards national qualifications.

GCSE or IGCSE English and Maths will be available and on completion examinations will be taken.

The most common complaint we have from parents is that they are struggling to engage their child in learning, and they do not have any interest in the resources available.

Abstract Learn’s home schooling programme has been designed to provide interesting, engaging content with interactive lessons which cover the core subjects for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key stage 3; this will then lead on to GCSE. We also ensure that early years reception class is not forgotten, therefore starting at the beginning.

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