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Welcome to Mr Brown’s early years Reception Class.

Registrations being taken for September 2021 term for reception class. Please click on which term you wish to enrol on below. 

Term 1

The journey begins here. Mr Brown is going to start with the very basics and will teach the very foundations of literacy.


Term 2

You have learnt lots of letters and can now even put words together. Counting to 10 is easy-peasy and you understand different shapes.  Let’s learn some more!


Term 2 will be available soon!

Term 3

We are flying through the terms and you are now on your last one! Let’s get ready for Key Stage 1


Term 3 will be available soon!

The reception school year is not a class that is compulsory, however most parents do decide to register their children in this early years setting; feeling that they are ready to start learning and engaging. Reception class is suitable for 4 – 5 year olds and prepares learners for year 1 of Key Stage 1.

How are classes administered for early years reception class?

All classes are prepared and administered through the student portal, with all resources provided; so that you can sit back and let Mr Brown take the class providing a positive and engaging experience.

There is no pressure on learning as students can take their time and if necessary, repeat a lesson. All worksheets are printable; therefore, you can use them as many times as is needed to complete the task.

Although the course is set out to run over 3 terms, you can decide on the pace and access will be available for 12 months.

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What is Mr Brown’s role?

Mr Brown will take his time to teach early years learners, the foundations of literacy in preparation for Key Stage 1; by way of fun, interactive games and activities. At the end of the school year, learners will be ready to take the next step and either attend a conventional school or join our other Key Stage 1 learners studying online.

Hedgehog Spelling Cat Early Years

At the end of the school year, all learners are expected to know their alphabet and be able to blend words together using phonics. They will recognise the 44 sounds that are called phonemes and all of their activities will be based on this learning.

Maths hasn’t been forgotten and numbers up to 20 will be taught, together with shapes, sizes, patterns and groups; ensuring that preparation for Key Stage 1 is covered completely.

Learning to read

Early Years Library Books Peter Rabbit Each Peach Pear Plum Curious George Mr Mistoffelees Spoon Cup Dinners Up Books

Mr Brown will hold a reading class at the end of every lesson, where learners can listen to fun stories and learn to read themselves. As they learn more skills, lessons will become more difficult but introduced in a fun way so that even spelling tests will provide an enjoyable experience, laying the foundations of positive learning for future education.

Free access to our library will be provided and there you will find reading books and publications to assist with home schooling. Downloadable activity sheets will help you to put together educational activities indoors and outdoors.

When home schooling, it is easy to run out of ideas for activities to fill those gaps that attending a conventional school may take care of, however Mr Brown will ensure that you have lots of ideas available; from fun simple recipes to taking trips outside and identifying insects.

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What about a community?

Access will be granted to our Facebook group page where only parents/guardians of learners can gain access. This is a useful group that provides lots of helpful information on home schooling and also gives you the opportunity to interact with individuals also in the same situation as you so that support and ideas can be shared.

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Supervision for early years reception class

We must stress that supervision must be carried out with these classes, but they are something that you can enjoy together. All the preparation has been carried out for you so that you do not have to spend your time searching for resources on early years education and trying to make sure that everything is covered adequately.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look at some of the resources available.

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