We give you the tools 
for home schooling your children in a structured and fun way, giving you more time to be a parent.

Home Schooling

What is home schooling?

Home Schooling has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more parents than ever taking their children out of mainstream education and choosing to home school themselves.

This means that you, as a parent or guardian will take over all schooling and access to a conventional school will not be available. 


You will also have the responsibility of sourcing resources and ensuring that learners educational needs are met to a certain standard.

Why choose home schooling?

There are many reasons parents choose home schooling such as:

  • Not happy with the school system or unable to secure a place at the school of their choice.
  • Bullying
  • Reasons connected with health
  • Intervention may be needed on a temporary basis
  • Lack of suitable provision and support for Special Educational Needs

How can we help?

Abstract Learn have taken the hard work of sourcing home schooling resources away from you and have put together structured, fun and engaging lessons to ensure that all learning outcomes are met. We also provide activities, worksheets and mark schemes so that you have more time available to join in the fun parts.

Home Schooling starts at the latter end of early years foundation stage, beginning with Mr Brown’s Reception class and works through each school year, such as Key stage 1, Key stage 2 and Key stage 3.

This is not a system where you can simply sit learners in front of a computer and leave them to get on with it, as supervision is required at all times but it will dramatically cut down your time, attempting to source education materials and using them in the right order.

Our aim is to ensure that the introduction to education is enjoyable and forms the foundations for all future learning, whether school based or a continuation of home education.




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